Brand safety policy

We are committed to upholding the integrity of our brand and the brands we work with, and will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure all advertising is suitable for the game, for the game’s PEGI rating, and for the disclosed age of the player.

For IO & PMP campaigns, Bidstack has a live campaign function whereby we can pause or remove any advertising copy which becomes inconsistent with the campaign, game, or demographic at any point during the campaign’s life.

For IO and PMP advertisers, a pre-approved whitelist is taken at campaign sale and will be delivered to accordingly through the campaign.

Bidstack manually and thoroughly vets all game applications before signing onboard. This includes reviewing the content, ad place, and PEGI rating of the game to ensure the game content is in line with our advertising and content guidelines below. Additionally, a full list of specific in-game restrictions is available on request.

Bidstack enforces a manual and human check of all creatives before they are placed in a game to ensure they meet the below category standards and any game-specific requirements. This comprehensive approval system is mandatory for all brands and creatives, regardless of origin, and aims to be completed within 72 hours of submission.

Bidstack reserves the rights to reject any game application, advertising, advertising copy or brand, and to suspend, remove, or terminate any advertising, brand campaign, or partnership where it reasonably determines that there has been a violation of our standards, or where the content or copy is considered inappropriate.

Bidstack prohibits advertising and/or brands that contain or advertise: pornography; tobacco; firearms and weapons; political advertising; religious advertising; or illegal drugs, excluding alcohol, vaping and e-cigarettes; however, advertisements of these sorts would be subject to additional restrictions.

Takedown policy

In the event that there is a wish to remove an ad from a game due to misplacement or game content, buyers can email [email protected]. During working hours Monday – Friday the ad will be taken down within 4 hours. Between Friday evening – Monday morning we commit to remove the advert within 24 hours at a maximum. Any consequences of ad misplacement are to be discussed on a case by case basis.