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bidstack offers Advertisers the chance to reach gamers in an easy, effective and respectful way. Our programmatic advertising tools allow Advertisers to quickly set up native advertising campaigns on virtual billboards, posters and ad hoardings, in games such as Football Manager 2018. This helps Advertisers to reach gaming audiences in a natural way.


Access a whole new audience across multiple games

Get your ad seen across multiple games

Creating a campaign

bidstack works with advertisers both programmatically and direct. Advertisers can track how their campaigns perform through the dashboard with the help of our in depth reporting tools.


Appear naturally in front of your audience

bidstack campaigns work because they respect the players who see them. By integrating your campaigns naturally into the game environment, we’re able to increase your brand’s visibility without antagonising our audience – providing a higher quality impression as a result.

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Pricing that works for you

bidstack offers a cost effective option for Advertisers. We offer competitive CPM rates that compare favourably to rival web options and our online bidding platform allows you to stay in control of your spend.

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