UPDATED: 20 Aug 2018

5 reasons game publishers are embracing in-game ads

Written by bidstack

The gaming industry is booming and there’s never been a better time to be a part of it. Gaming is now bigger than the film and music industries combined (by a surprising margin!) and yet until now the immersive worlds that games create have remained almost entirely untouched by brands. Game publishers are awakening to this opportunity and are teaming up with us to display native adverts within their games.

bidstack helps brands to connect with publishers and reach their audience by advertising in naturally occurring spaces within a game, be that pitchside in a football game, trackside in a racing game or on billboards in an open-world format.

We’re already partnered with some of the industry’s leading lights and we’re adding new titles to our roster all the time, so why are publishers starting to embrace in-game advertising?

1. It creates an entirely new revenue stream

Advertisers have been trying to find their way into gaming for years but it’s been a tough nut to crack when a lot of publishers haven’t been set up commercially to make money beyond traditional game sales.

The total UK advertising market is worth £22.2bn and digital advertising accounts for 52% of that figure. With £10.1bn spent on digital ads in 2017 and an expected growth of 10% anticipated for 2018, entering the market at this point is likely to deliver impressive results.

Integrating native ads into a game creates a new revenue stream for publishers that is free to install, free to run and could deliver a considerable boost to them financially.

2. Our ads put gamers first

There is nothing more frustrating than playing a game and being interrupted by a clumsy ad that you have to watch or skip to continue. We hate that as much as the next gamer, which is why we’re on a mission to change the way advertisers interact with games.

By placing ads in naturally occurring spaces, we give advertisers the opportunity to interact with their audience, whilst allowing players to enjoy the gaming experience and improve user retention.

Maintaining the integrity and authenticity of the titles we work with is central to what we do and it’s key to the publishers too whose primary focus is on pleasing their audience.

3. Publishers can enter the free-to play arena

Creating a new, sustainable revenue stream can open up new possibilities for games publishers. Without the pressure to generate money from game sales publishers can start to think about adopting a free-to-play business model.

Many view this as the future of the sector and it’s easy to see why. Fortnite has seen unprecedented and sustained success by doing something that initially sounded crazy… giving their game away for free.

Whilst we appreciate this model isn’t suited to every publisher it could open doors for some and introduce them up to an entirely new audience.

4. We remove the hassle

Advertising in-game has many plusses but complying with advertising standards / laws and GDPR is not chief among them. We appreciate that gaming publishers should be focused on delivering amazing games and not faffing around with advertising admin.

That’s why we have our own in house faff-busting compliance team that guarantee any ads shown within our publisher’s games are brand safe and legally on point.

5. We’re shaping the future, together

Games publishers that embrace change are already making the leap into native in-game advertising and have the opportunity to help shape how it develops going forwards.

We share an open forum with all of the publishers we work with and welcome new ideas, innovations and possibilities to connect brands and consumers whilst maintaining the authenticity of their titles.

Ads displayed in the the games we work with aren’t the focal point of the experience, that comes from the ingenuity and creativity of the studios and publishers that create the games. We respect that relationship and want to give publishers the clout to keep innovating and pushing boundaries without the financial pressures that can sometimes affect that creative process.

If you’re a games publisher and you’d like to explore in-game advertising, get in touch with our Head of Supply – [email protected].

Written by bidstack | 20 Aug 2018